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student council



Stephanie Pavlasky, President 

My name is Stephanie Pavlasky and I am the Student Council President. I am a senior, finally. Some of my hobbies are playing soccer, binge-watching bad Netflix originals, and hiking with friends. In the future, I hope to pursue pharmacy or major in biomedical sciences. My favorite things about Student Council are all the wonderful people that are apart of it and the great things we do for our school and community. I'll never forget all the memories the council makes together and my forever friends, also the advisors (just a little). #IGotJokes… I'm not quite sure how to end this so I'll leave you with a quote… "What is funnier than 24?.... 25."


Hunter Porcano, Vice President 

Hi! I am Hunter Porcano, the Student Council vice president. I am in 11th grade and I enjoy dancing, coding, performing and watching Netflix. My favorite snack is ice cream! In the near future, I would like to be an engineer or business manager. Things I love about student council is the connections I make with people. I enjoy serving my school and being a part of everyone's high school experience. I'm making memories I'll never forget. Weird facts about me is I love math and computer programming!

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Gabrielle Sauter, Treasurer 

Hi! My name is Gabby and I am this Student Council's Treasurer. I am a senior and I enjoy hanging with my two dogs Luna and Eve while avoiding all other human social contacts. You can always catch me with a book in hand, and ready for a nap.


Kelsey  Schatz, Historian 


Megan Booterbaugh, School Store Manager 

My name is Megan Booterbaugh often gone by Megan Boots, I am the School Store Manager and I am in twelfth grade. I do not have very many hobbies, my time is normally consumed by my job, my school work, and student council. My future plans are to be within the forensic science field. The thing I enjoy the most about student council is all of the people I have come to know and love who have become a few of my closest friend. 


Taylor Bertram, Fundraising Officer 

Hey guys! I’m the fundraising officer, I’m a senior and this is my second year holding this position. Being in student council has made me really appreciate how much the group does for our school, and made me realize that I can help our school and be an active member in its community. In my free time I like to write and listen to music. When I graduate, I want to enlist in the military and train to be an emergency responder. Enter your text here

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Gabriella Londono, Apreciation Officer 

Hi, my name is Gabriela Londono. I’m a senior. I’m the appreciation officer in student council. When I graduate I hope to go to college for marketing and a minor in fine arts. My hobbies are sketching, doing makeup, and shopping. My favorite thing about student council is the connections I make with my classmates.


Julianna Campesi, Panther Pride Officer 

My name is Julianna Campesi and I am a Panther Pride Officer. This is my fourth and final year on Student Council. My favorite things about Student Council are the friendships I have made and the close bonds I now have with everyone on the council. I want to major in biology in college. I would like to go into biological research in the future. I like animals and my cats have priority over everything. There is only one way to my heart: Donuts.


Joey Murphy, Panther Pride Officer 

My name is Joey Murphy and I am a Panther Pride Officer. This is my second year in the position. My favorite Student Council memory is meeting our new presidente Stephanie Pavalavadingdong (not) or maybe all my time at games and events like West Vs. East 2017. My hobbies include cutting Cuzco’s nails, not going outside, going to stuco and going to games. My future career would be a something I haven’t decided yet.


McKenzie Ward, Panther Pride Officer 

My name is McKenzie Ward, I am a Junior at West High School. This is my first year participating in student council. I'm very excited to be a Panther Pride Officer. I've lived in numerous states such as Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, New York and here in Pennsylvania. My goal is to learn and work my hardest this year. I love to read and write. I'm thrilled to meet new people and get involved this year. 


Hope DeJesus, Public Relations 

Hello! My name is Hope De Jesus and I’m a junior. Last year, I also served as the Public Relations officer, but before that, I was a committee member in Community Service. My hobbies include playing my piano and dressing up as Guy Fieri. If you see me in the Student Council room, I’m probably either painting a sign showing off my super rad skateboarding tricks (that last part was a joke. I can’t skateboard.). I’m not sure what I’m doing after high school, but I’m glad I’m in such a productive activity that exposes me to so much diversity. 


Ella Maquito, Tech Coordinator 

My name is Ella Maquito, I’m a senior and I am the Technology Coordinator for this year's council! This may be my first and last year as an officer but I'll make sure it would be one of the best parts of my high school year :) My favorite things to do are travelling (can't stay indoor oops), programming and taking pictures. As a senior, my college plans are to attend Drexel or Penn State to pursue Computer Science. My favorite thing about student council is being able to be involved in many of the events that we run to be the best events, making it memorable for you! 


How funky is your chicken?


Thomas Kelly, Social Media Director


Hello! I'm Thomas Kelly the West high school Social Media Director. I'm a junior here West high school, and I joined student council because I enjoy making the school experience fun and engaging. After high school I look forward to fixing my sleep schedule and eating everything in sight. I enjoy long walks on the beach, as well as, make up and pizza. Also don't forget to follow us on Instagram, twitter and Snapchat @pmwestsc !!!


Maritza Colón, PASC Educator

My name is Maritza Colòn, I’m a senior, and I am the PASC Education Officer! I have been on Student Council for over three years and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I was on the Prom Committee for three years, acting as Chairperson for two of those years. My favorite thing about Student Council is being able to be involved in PASC and getting to attend camps and conferences. My favorite things to do are getting my nails done, buying cool socks to wear with my crocs, and hangin our with my squad. In the future, I would like to attend DeSales University to earn a Master’s degree in Medical Studies and become a Physician Assistant. My long term goal is to become a PA in a children’s hospital.