pocono mountain west

student council


Ianah Green

Hello, my name is Ianiah Green thoigh I prefer Niah. I am in 9th grade and my position is freshmen rep. In my free time I enjoy reading and eating! (Im always hungry) I also enjoy cooking and baking whenever I can. I plan to be a chief or baker in the future. I enjoy the family vibes the student council gives off and how close the whole group is and I love that we are constantly working to make a change.

Kristen Anderson

Hello, my name is Kristen Anderson and I'm one of the Student Council Freshmen Class Representatives. I am in 9th grade. Things I enjoy are reading and going for walks with my four year old dog, Murphy. In the future, I plan on attending college and at the moment interested in astronomic field. My dream school is Princeton (fingers crossed!) I enjoy that student council helps me give back to my school and my community with all its various events.

Barbara Madejczyk

Hello my name is Barbara Madejczyk and Im one of the four freshmen class reps. Im in 9th gradee. I am 14 years old. I enjoy playing with my neice and nephew, and crochetting. When Im older, I hope to become a lawyer, and attend an Ivy league school. It is my duty to speak to society and my class.

Afzaa Reece

My name is Afzaa Reece. I am a fresmen class rep and I am in 9th grade I enjoy reading, listening to music and spending time with family and friends. I went to be either an anesthesiologist or a student council. I love the enviroment and how everyone welcomes you with open hands. Helpng out is fun too because they put you in places that fit your persona very well.